Which SilverScreen System Is Best for You?

What are the rules for choosing an outdoor theater system? Do you always want the biggest, most powerful setup you can afford, or it more practical to go for the mobility of a smaller system? Which situation calls for which product?

The main factor to consider in choosing the right outdoor theater system for your needs is the size of the venue (and audience). If you’re screening programs for your family and friends, or even the occasional block party, our Starter Series will do the job beautifully. The 2 SAVI Mini Speakers will deliver plenty of audio for casual screenings, and you can choose between 6-foot or 8-foot screens. You might automatically assume you want the 8-footer for maximum flexibility, but if you plan to do a certain amount of viewing indoors, you’ll probably find the smaller screen easier to work with. Also, not everyone wants to feel totally enveloped by the visuals, so to some extent screen size is a matter of personal taste -- and of how far away from the screen your audience will sit.

If you’ll be giving public showings -- at schools, hotels, community centers, corporate events, et cetera -- then it’s time to go for the big guns, namely our SilverScreen Series. This system comes with a 9-foot screen, which means the folks in the back of the auditorium, conference hall or recreation center will see just as well as the folks up front. You also get a boost to your audio in the form of two 8" SAVI speakers so everyone gets a taste of that extra “oomph” factor. Finally, you get a second media/storage cabinet to help you transport this larger system more quickly and easily.

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