Top 4 things to do during COVID-19 with your theater system

With the COVID-19 pandemic running its course in our present world, the trending action labeled as ‘social distancing’ has become the response in keeping ourselves—and our loved ones—safe and healthy.

It’s more important now than ever to be proactive and stay in self-quarantine. And who knows? Maybe this is the chance for many of us to have a much needed me-time, or a chance to get closer to our families, significant other(s), and/or housemates. And what better way to keep yourself entertained during a pandemic than kicking it back with your theater system? Here’s a quick run-through of things you can do with your perfect set-up during this unprecedented time.

1. Netflix Binge 

Let’s be honest, you knew this one was going to be first. Many of us have that unbelievably long list of recommended TV shows that we just didn’t have time to get to prior. Meeting up with friends, getting in your workout, hitting up the mall, and staying active in general took priority. But now there’s nothing holding you back from watching the third season of Stranger Things—which ended in 2019.  

Apart from Netflix, there are a plethora of online streaming applications to consider tapping into, like Hulu, HBO, and more. With the 2020 Oscar Winners announced only a couple months ago, you can also purchase and/or rent top movies online, like the winner for best motion picture, international hit Parasite. Regardless of your taste is shows, now’s the best time to play catch up and watch the latest hits that everyone’s been talking about.

2. Online Gaming

You might not be able to meet your friends in person, but you sure can still ‘hang out’ with them on a gaming set-up. Great advancements in technology came with the revolutionary feature of online game play. While it used to be that game consoles required the physical presence of any player for a single cartridge, new systems today just need to be connected to the internet, and then you are granted the ability to play with gamers all across the world. These system advancements, of course, also host games with jaw-dropping graphics, sound-quality and animation. And on your theater system, all these meticulous details will come to life.

From the Nintendo Switch to the PlayStation 4, you can easily hook up any modern gaming system to your projector. All you would need is an HDMI cable. And once that easy set-up is completed, you can gawk at the beauty of open world games like Breath of the Wild, build up an online community with friends in Stardew Valley, or even spiffy up an island in the newly released Animal Crossing: New Horizons with your housemates.

3. One-Man Karaoke

On a normal day, going to sing karaoke is, for the most part, an enthused yes or a die-hard no for the majority. But whether you’re the next Ariana Grande or as tone-deaf as an angry cat, music has the power to evoke a very personal response from any individual. It’s not always about singing ability, it’s about experiencing the world behind a song.

With a high quality sound system, you can enhance the moment and truly feel what you sing. You don’t need to feel worry about what others think of your song choices, or struggle with a wave of self-consciousness about your voice. Self-quarantine can be a time of self-reflection. And singing your heart out is a refreshing way to elicit a cathartic response.

4. Have kids? Basement Set-Up

For the people out there with children, this is for you. Schools across the world are currently closed. And as much as you love your kids, sometimes you need to give them a bit of a distraction so that you can have a breather.

A simple way to do this is having a theater system setup in your basement. Take the initial steps and work on some homemade snack recipes, or order delivery service. Have your kids each pick out a movie and/or show that they want to watch, and have them play a game to determine the order in which they watch a show. From there on, it’s smooth sailing.

Stay safe and healthy with Outdoor Theater Systems

Outdoor Theater Systems is committed to following the best practices in keeping safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand how difficult it can be at times to uphold said practices, and hope that our theater systems can become a catalyst for joy during this unparalleled circumstance.

On behalf of our staff, please stay safe, healthy and informed.

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