The Problem with Inflatable Screens

If you did some shopping for a outdoor theater system before you finally struck gold by finding us, you probably saw a good many companies promoting inflatable screens. And you may have read tons of sales copy about how sensible, convenient and easy to use these screens are. So why doesn't Outdoor Theater Systems sell them?

Well, unfortunately you can't believe everything you read. Inflatable screens have indeed seen widespread use in outdoor theater systems for years now, but easy and convenient they aren't. If a sales rep tries to tell you that these things are as easy to blow up and tie down as a pup tent, do NOT believe them!

For one thing, you have to run a generator-powered pump to inflate them, and even then you'd better not be in a big hurry to start the show. To add insult to injury, you have to keep the generator running to keep the screen inflated during the movie! Can you say "distracting?" And when it's all over, don't count on relaxing anytime soon -- you still have press all the air out of the screen and fold it all up for storage. Oh, and the slightest puncture or tear in the balloon, and you'll have to buy a whole new screen. Still sounds like a great buy?

That's why we'd much rather go with our QuikScreen system instead. Forget about inflating or deflating anything -- the QuikScreen really lives up to its name. Just put the preassembled aluminum frame in place, stick the screen onto the Velcro around the frame's perimeter, and secure everything as needed with the provided tie-down rings and straps. No noise, no muss, no fuss. Don't let an inflatable screen deflate your good time -- go with a QuikScreen instead!

At Outdoor Theater Systems, we offer high-quality theater systems that provide extraordinary ways to enhance the excitement of any event. For a captivating experience you can truly own, contact us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect theater system.

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