Special Challenges of Outdoor Theater Gaming

Considerations for your outdoor game entertainment systems

You may love to enhance your home video gaming experience by hooking your console or computer up to a big-screen home theater system. So obviously the next big "level up" is to take your gaming outdoors on the really big screen. Imagine saving the universe or leading your armies into battle on your SilverScreen Outdoor Theater as a real breeze ruffles your clothes and real stars shine overhead! As fantastic as this may sound, however, you should be aware that the outdoor environment offers some potential obstacles that you may need to consider. These include:

The weather

Sure, it’s kind of a bummer when you’re watching a movie outdoors and rain starts to fall, especially if you have guests over. You have to stop the film, take down the QuikScreen (which admittedly only takes a moment), and move your setup into the garage, or perhaps even indoors if you have enough room. But it’s especially annoying to have to stop and save your game when you’re in the middle of a decisive battle or solving a difficult puzzle.

Audio positioning

You have to be able to hear that creaking floorboard behind you or footsteps far off to the right to know exactly where the enemy is hiding, for instance. But your outdoor theater setup is designed more to create a large-scale movie house experience, not to delineate every tiny little sound in microscopic detail. The audio track will also be competing against chirping crickets, distant cars, et cetera. Plug a good pair of headphones into your console or computer, and this problem goes away.

As long as you’re prepared for the extra variables the outside world brings to the gaming world, you’ll still have an amazing time gaming with your outdoor theater. So let the games begin!

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