Rear Projection Screen Systems: Perfect for Pool Parties

One staple of many communities' summertime entertainment is the evening movie pool party. These events, which are typically held at municipal pools, allow folks of all ages to splash comfortably while watching family classics on a big-screen outdoor theater system. But you don't have to wait for your city to take the initiative if you have your own pool and your own outdoor theater. And now Outdoor Theater Systems offers the perfect complement to such a setup – a 12' rear-projection screen, the latest addition to our SilverScreen lineup!

Rear-projection setups are much to be preferred if you're planning a pool-oriented movie screening. For one thing, you don't have to worry about all the screen shadows created by swimmers' heads and upper bodies bobbing above the water. Secondly, you're moving that valuable (end electric) projection equipment well away from the water, with the screen providing an extra splash barrier. Last but not least you won't have to worry about some kid's float turning him in the wrong direction and exposing his eyes directly to a front-projected beam of light.

Speaking of floats, you may want to make sure you have several types of floats, air mattresses, inflatable chairs and deck chairs on hand, even if you encourage the neighbors to bring their own. Insist on parental supervision for all the younger guests; this will relieve you of the need to play lifeguard throughout the screening. One final note: While you'll obviously want to let the sun go down before firing up the projector, your guests may need some strategically-positioned light sources to help them get safely in and out of the pool.

Ready for some big-screen poolside fun this summer? Get a Outdoor Theater Systems package with a rear-projection screen, grab some family films and get ready to make a big splash!

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