Must-See Thanksgiving Viewing

Things to watch during Thanksgiving

It’s beginning to feel like Thanksgiving, but throw a jacket on and you’ll be comfortable watching this feast of traditional favorites on your Outdoor Theater Systems backyard theater:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

If it’s a U.S. holiday, there’s probably a Charlie Brown special for it somewhere out there. This 1973 classic has our favorite blockhead trying to throw a Thanksgiving feast together for his friends at the last minute. If you can’t find it on TV, don’t worry -- it’s available on DVD.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You’ll be thankful you rented the DVD of this comedy classic starring Steve Martin tangling with John Candy in his efforts to get home for Thanksgiving.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This old favorite has been telecast on NBC and/or CBS every year since 1948.  Who cares if it takes place during daylight hours? Just program your media system to record it as it occurs, then play it at night on the big screen to get the full impact of this mega-event.

National Dog Show

If you love dogs, you’ll love the National Dog Show. You'll find it on NBC right after the Macy’s Parade, so you can record it for nighttime presentation as well. Or rent a DVD of the movie Best in Show if you’d rather just laugh at the whole concept.


Thanksgiving means football, so don’t forget to tune in for this year’s Turkey Day NFL lineup as you digest your turkey. This year it’s Texans vs. Lions, followed by Cowboys vs. Redskins and Jets vs. Patriots. Watch out for college action too, such as UT vs. TCU on ESPN.

Hanna and Her Sisters

Woody Allen tells the story of three sisters making their way through not one but two Thanksgivings in this timeless comedy-drama.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Outdoor Theater Systems

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