MLB on Your Backyard Theater System

Have you been enjoying Major League Baseball so far this season? If so, imagine how much more you could enjoy it on a 12-foot screen, with high-definition video and powerful audio that puts right there in the stadium? If this sounds good to you, then you need to consider turning your game day into Outdoor Theater Systems day!

There’s certainly no shortage of baseball on television to choose from. You’ll find high-definition MLB coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, TBS, and of course the MLB Network. These telecasts will look gorgeous on your HD projector and SilverScreen movie screen, though you’ll have to record the day games and replay them after the sun goes down. (Night game? Knock yourself out!) So your regular viewing party will want to avoid reading the scores or watching the TV news on those days -- unless you just really want to experience that glorious victory for yourself or watch it a second time, bigger than ever. And we think you’ll like watching the game outdoors in the fresh air; after all, isn’t that how baseball should be experienced? We think so.

Do you want to watch a day game on the big screen even when the sun is shining? Or is your back yard rained out on game day, even though the game itself isn’t? Well, this isn’t necessarily a problem, so give up on your viewing party just yet. There’s no rule that says your outdoor theater can’t become an indoor theater, as long as you have room in your garage or some other part of the home. Just line up some chairs, park the cooler nearby and watch that brilliant sunshine on the big screen. Have a great time watching America’s national pastime!

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