June Is the Month for Weddings — and Big-Screen Video!

June brides are everywhere now that we’re halfway through the year. Wedding season is upon us, and if you’re helping to plan a wedding for a special someone, you’re probably overwhelmed with details. But there’s one simple thing you can add to enhance the experience big-time -- a beautiful big-screen theater from Outdoor Theater Systems!

The wedding rehearsal or groom’s dinner has always been a time for parents and friends to salute the bride and groom with toasts, jokes and personal reminiscences. If you know your way around a simple editing program, you can take scenes from old family videos and put them together with photos and a music track -- or if you prefer, hire a videographer to do the editing and make a DVD transfer for your party. All you have to do then is pop the DVD into your SilverScreen system’s player and send all your guests and participants on a wonderful trip down memory lane. If you have a large wedding party in a large space, and you haven’t purchased your system yet, you may want to opt for the SilverScreen Series, just to make sure the video makes its maximum visual and aural effect all the way to the back of the hall.

And don’t forget the wedding itself! If you have video cameras rolling on the actual ceremony, you’ll surely want to watch the finished wedding video on your backyard theater in the years to come. In fact, an outdoor theater from Backyard Theater systems might make a perfect wedding gift for the new bride and groom, so they can share these special moments again and again. Contact us and let’s talk about it. After all, marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience -- if you do it right!

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