It’s Summer Blockbuster Season — Let’s Stay Home!

Summertime means a glut of gigantic Hollywood blockbusters filling screen after screen at your local multiplex cinema. Time to empty your pockets for a movie you may or may not like as you stand in lines in the blistering heat, make your way across the sticky cinema floor, and try to drown out the screaming babies and obnoxious cellphones. Fun, huh?

Well, here's an idea. How about spending your summer movie season at home with your family and friends, watching gorgeous widescreen presentations in your own backyard theater?

Running your own screening lets you control your evening. You choose the audience. You choose the food and drink selection. You choose the schedule. You choose the film. Yes, we know you won't have access to the very latest thing playing on screens across the nation, but does that really matter all that much? If you haven't seen it, it's still new to you, right? And you get the opportunity to program all your old favorites as well. If it's worth seeing, it's worth seeing again.

The economic downturn of recent years drove this issue home – literally – for many of us. The word “stay-cation” entered the popular vocabulary as we all began looking for ways to have fun without breaking the bank. For many Americans, the sheer expense of gassing up the car, shelling out for movie tickets and then springing for the inevitable overpriced snacks made moviegoing more of a luxury than a casual entertainment, especially for large families. Suddenly it made perfect sense to make that one-time investment in a home theater system that brought the movie house to you.

Once people try our SilverScreen Outdoor Theater, they fall in love with it. And so will you. So make your home this summer's hot ticket!

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