Is Your Backyard Theater Ready for Some Football?

The best ways to watch football at home

Its football season, but you don't need to buy a ticket – with an outdoor theater system you've already got the best seat in the house. And here are some fun ideas to capture the full stadium feeling in your own yard.

Nothing beats the sheer wall of noise in a stadium when tens of thousands of fans have something to cheer (or boo) about. But our SAVI speakers come close! If you want to create a little more “you are there” feeling, try positioning your seats a little closer to the speakers and screen than you might for, say, an art house film showing. Just don't move them so close up that pixels become evident.

Food and drink has always been a big part of the ambience (or at least the aroma) that surrounds you at the stadium, so why not recreate as much of that ambience as possible by setting up your own “concession stand?” Cook up some burgers, brats or hot dogs, and have mucho nachos at the ready. Buy as many bags of peanuts as you can get your hands on and make them available throughout the game. If you really want to get elaborate, rent a popcorn machine. As for beverages, draft beer beats cans any day for evoking the right mood, so get an appropriately-sized keg and some plastic cups.

If you'd rather do your eating and drinking before or after the game, and you have a driveway that goes all the way back toward your backyard theater, you could even host your own tailgate party. Use all the same grilling tools you’d take out to the stadium parking lot, and turn on the pre-show game to get the excitement going. Now you're ready for some football – with a little help from your theater system!

Witness that touchdown with Outdoor Theater Systems

Outdoor Theater Systems truly compete to achieve a fully cohesive audio/visual experience for Sunday Night football to graduation day. No matter how large or small the event is, we strive for our theater systems to deliver a magical ambiance meant to create unforgettable memories for every member of the audience. Purchase your theater system today, or contact our team to learn more about which theater system is the perfect match for you.

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