How to Start a Drive-In Movie Theater Business

How to Start a Drive-In Movie Theater Business


This blog post will cover how to start a new gig as a traveling outdoor movie theater business.  It might be much easier than you think.

You can partner with Outdoor Theater Systems and purchase a system at a wholesale price to help you get started properly.  At Outdoor Theater Systems we provide you with the screen, audio and video capabilities and all other necessary items to help you run your new business.

Find out in advance what movie or movies your audience would be interested in viewing at their private viewing party.  For more information about that you can visit.

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. We strongly recommend that you visit to learn more about pricing, current copyright laws, and prohibitions before staging any public viewings of potentially copy-protected materials. You can find additional licensing options at

You can run a single movie or a double feature, whatever your audience is looking forward to!  You can choose to have some extra chairs with you, some other goodies like snacks or beverages or something that provides your special touch to the adventure.

Another option would be to host an outdoor movie night of your own, find a space or location to set up, advertise through social media the event and charge per person to what the film(s).  If you were to charge $5-10 per person, it would be a win/win for both parties.  Cheaper than going to a movie theater and if you get 10-20 people to show up that could be an extra $50-100 on the low-end for you.  Audiences can vary greatly and could be much more than this as well.  If you had 100 people show up, you could be looking at $500-$1,000.  It depends on your appetite and the size of the venue.

We are also interested in partnering with entrepreneurs to help provide any suggestions or ideas to help your endeavor reach its full potential.

You can see investing in an outdoor theater system could pay great dividends as another revenue stream for you!

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