Host Your Own Prom After Party – with a Little Help from Your Outdoor Theater System

Perfecting your after party experience

We all have memories of your high school junior and senior proms – some good, and others not so good. If your kids have reached the age that they're looking forward to the prom, you're probably worried about what awaits them later that evening. Teenagers will be teenagers, and that often means yielding to peer pressure and sneaking off to drink at wild prom after parties. Of course you don't want your child to wind up in a dangerous situation, but at the same time you don't want to be “that parent” who throws a wet blanket on the entire night. So what's the solution? Throw your own prom after party, using an irresistibly cool “hook” in the form of your own backyard theater.

Don't assume that you have to organize the prom after party alone. You may find that other parents are delighted to participate in creating a healthy environment for good clean fun. In fact, the party can be something of a “pot luck” affair, with different parents in charge of specifics such as food, decorations, and activities. You can even set up your backyard theater on someone else's property if they have a larger space to offer.

The timing for such events couldn't work out better. While the exact date will vary from school to school, prom season generally falls between April and June, meaning that your kids and their guests will enjoy temperate weather for their outdoor theater fun. Of course you'll want to have a contingency plan in effect in case it rains, so clear out your garage or other large room as best you can so you have the option of moving the party indoors.

Create enjoyable memories with Outdoor Theater Systems

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