Halloween Movies for Creepy Big-Screen Fun

Boo! That’s not a noise of disapproval -- it’s your signal to get ready for Halloween. Imagine what a colossal effect a good old-fashioned scary (or if you prefer, amusingly creepy) movie can make on a gigantic screen at night. Here a few different options to help you turn your Halloween party into a night at the movies:

The Haunting

This black-and-white film has a reputation as the scariest haunted-house film ever made. Julie Harris stars as a young woman trying to hang onto her sanity in a place where the dead don’t stay quiet.


They’re ready to believe you! Bill Murray and company will have you screaming with laughter as they go into the ghost exterminating business.

The Pit and the Pendulum

You won’t mind the “black bars” at the top and bottom of your screen as you are mesmerized by this colorful widescreen Edgar Allen Poe adaptation starring Vincent Price.


For a pure farcical comedy set in the world of ghosts and hauntings, you can’t miss with this vehicle for Michael Keaton as a wacky ghoul who interferes with the lives -- or afterlives -- of Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis and Winona Ryder.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The first film in the series is a genuinely frightening splatter-fest. The iconic Freddie Krueger preys on teenagers who make the terrible mistake of falling asleep and dreaming.


This George A. Romero-Stephen King collaboration manages to flip back and forth between scary, gross and hilarious. Four short stories, done in the style of the old “Tales of Terror” comics, with an all-star cast including King himself.

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein

This kid-friendly romp provides a lot of old-school monster value, pitting the classic comedy duo against Dracula, the Frankenstein monster and the Wolf Man.

Happy Halloween!

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