Front Projection Screens vs. Rear Projection Screens

As we've mentioned before, Outdoor Theater Systems now offers a 12-foot rear-projection screen to complement our range of front-projection screens. Let's look at some good reasons to consider selecting this type of setup for your outdoor theater.

One great thing about rear-projection systems is that it gets the projector out of the way. So it is great for backyards with pools. It also eliminates the possibility of people crossing in front of the projector itself. This means no more shadows passing across the screen at key moments in the presentation.

Rear-projection systems are actually easier to use with outdoor or backyard theaters than they are with indoor setups in one important respect: space utilization. In a standard indoor theater room, a rear-projection setup requires a whole additional room behind the screen area so the projector can placed sufficiently far away to get a focused image of the right size. But in a backyard theater, you're only limited by the depth of the yard itself, and you can position the screen as needed to get the distances just right.

Brightness is one aspect of the home theater experience that's easier to control with front projection than with rear projection. Instead of the light from the projector bouncing off the of the screen as in front projection, a rear-projected image must actually pass through the membrane of the screen, which can diminish perceived brightness slightly. You can compensate by moving the projector a little closer to the screen (trading a little image size for extra brightness) or by opting for one of our more powerful projectors. Contact us and we'll help you make the perfect choice for your new rear-projection theater!

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