Fireworks for the Fourth: A Pyrotechnic Summer Film Festival

Independence Day is synonymous with fireworks displays, whether you're setting off your own squibs or gathering to watch official city celebrations. But you don't have to limit your Fourth of July fun to those few minutes of atmospheric pyrotechnics – not when you have your very own outdoor theater. What better way to light up the sky after a satisfying holiday barbecue than with a backyard theater festival of some genuinely explosive films? Here are some suggestions:

Independence Day

The title alone would make this a great choice for Fourth of July viewing, but this movie is also packed with more than its share of fireworks. Massive explosions (including the detonation of Washington D.C.) and volleys of laser beams illuminate this story of an attempted alien invasion and the human race's equally fiery response.


This classic depicts a Fourth of July no beachside community should ever have to endure, and our heroes' quest to put an end to the great white shark responsible. And while the pyrotechnics in this film are of the action-and-ammo variety, there's one very big explosion at the end that can stand beside any holiday fireworks display.

The Patriot

You won't see any high-tech modern pyrotechnics in this one, but the emotions, conflicts, and battles recreating the American Revolution provide their own heat. It's directed by Roland Emmerich (who also directed Independence Day) and stars Mel Gibson as a Southern farmer thrown into the war against the British.

Fireworks Display DVD

If you just want the fireworks without the cinematic trappings, you've got them here in this DVD featuring glorious fireworks shows from all over the globe. Viewed on the big screen, it's the next best thing to being there. So order your outdoor theater system today, and make some July sparks fly for your holiday guests!

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