Fall Means Football!

Football season has arrived

It’s time for you to stock up on snacks and get ready to cheer (or curse) your way through another season of college and/or professional football. But if you can’t get season tickets on the 50-yard line, you’ve got something even better -- a big-screen outdoor theater system. Our SilverScreen setup will make your home the next best thing to a VIP press box overlooking the real thing.

If you’ve watched enough football on your HDTV, you’ve probably noticed the difference between standard-definition and high-definition broadcasts. Even with your TV’s upscaling capability, high-def is a clear winner in terms of detail and sharpness -- and that makes a big difference when you’re displaying the action on a large projection screen. Fortunately, HD is firmly established for sports presentations these days. All you have to do is purchase an extra-long cable and run it from your satellite or cable box to the outdoor theater projector screen (We don't sell such cables ourselves, but we can direct you toward places that do.)

Are you limited to evening broadcasts for your outdoor viewing enjoyment? Well, “limited” isn’t really the word, because there are plenty of college and pro night games to choose from. Sunday, Monday (of course) and Thursday nights are all NFL nights now, leaving Saturday nights for college games. ESPN and dedicated channels such as NFL Network pretty much guarantee you a heaping helping of football for your viewing parties under the stars.

We’ll check back in on football season when it comes time to make sense of all the college bowl games -- and we might even offer some fun tips and ideas for that SuperBowl party we know you’re planning. Until then, enjoy scoring major points with your friends by offering them a big-time sports experience!

Watch the big touchdown with Outdoor Theater Systems

Outdoor Theater Systems strives to deliver on the best theater systems that will make that game-changer touchdown even more dynamic. From the comfort of your home to the great outdoors, our high-quality production ensures a flawless experience to be remembered in the years to come. If you're looking for an unforgettable viewing experience this football season, contact us today and we'll be more than happy to assist you in finding the theater system suitable to your needs.

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