Enjoy the Rio Olympics on Your Big Screen

August 2016 can mean only one thing to the world's sports fans: the Rio Olympic Games. This massive multi-sport event is as big as athletic competition gets, so it only makes sense to watch it in the biggest viewing environment possible. If you've been on the fence about ordering an outdoor theater from Outdoor Theater Systems, this is the ideal moment to equip yourself with out sized audio and video so you'll feel every bit of the excitement.

One of the nice things about this particular Olympics is the fact that it really will be reaching you more or less as it happens. That's because Rio is only one time zone ahead of Easter Standard Time, meaning that you aren't limited to recording events in the middle of the night or waiting until the medals have already been won to see the performances. Even so, NBC (the host network for the Olympics) will be presenting many of the events during daytime hours (10am to 5pm ET/PT), so you may want to record specific events for later viewing on the big screen. The network's schedule at nbcolympics.com gives details for broadcasts and live online streams (which can also view on your big screen by plugging your streaming device into your projector).

You might be content to “graze” from the general menu of Olympic events presented by NBC and NBCSN (The NBC Sports Network), but other channels follow specific sports even more closely. For instance, now that golf has returned to the Olympics, the Golf Channel will be covering the various tournaments in depth. Bravo is focusing on tennis, while NBC Universal's soccer and basketball channels will be prime resources for following those two sports.

Whatever sports you care about, give the 2016 Summer Olympics the full attention it deserves. Order your outdoor theater system now!

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