Election Night: Big Screen for a Big Event

This November 8th is Election Night, not only for the President but for numerous governors, U.S. Senators and Representatives and other public officials. It’s a big night -- so have you thought about putting it on the big screen and inviting guests?

You’re not likely to have any trouble finding election coverage on TV from the major networks, CNN, MSNBC and other stations. You can either stick with one station for a consistent view of the entire election or switch back and forth to get alternate viewpoints of the action as it unfolds.

Obviously you’ll need to make some careful considerations before you can be reasonably sure of a successful, or at least non-hostile, election night viewing party. Your safest bet is to invite like-minded guests who are all voting along the same party line as you are. Chances are that you already know this much about your friends and family members. Yes, if you really want a lively event, you can invite an equal number of voters from each party -- just don’t serve beverages in breakable glasses or any kind of desserts that require knives and forks.

Another consideration to keep in mind? The clock. Late results seem to be a feature of every major election, and while this might not matter for an indoor viewing party, you may have to break down your outdoor theater system after a certain hour, results or no results, to avoid the wrath of the neighborhood. We recommend that you set a specific time that corresponds with municipal noise regulations, inform your neighbors of that projected ending time, and then put away your theater system promptly and quietly when you’re done.

Oh, and one more thing -- don’t forget to vote! As the saying goes, if you don't vote, you can’t complain….

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