Drive In Movie Setup Coming Soon

Drive in movies were a thing of the past until now!  With a lot of people staying home these days and social distancing in place the need for some outdoor fun has never been greater.  We have a new theater set up coming in spring of 2021 “The Drive-in Series.” It will come with a complete drive in movie set up, that you can use for your business or at home.  The system will come complete with Movie Screen, Projector, Speakers, FM Transmitter(so you can program the audio to come through the cars radios) Storage and the all the cords and cables you need as well as directions for setup.  Just imaging your restaurant having a setup like this and being able to host Dine in movies for your loyal customers or for a Neighborhood Block Party!  The possibilities are endless when you have Outdoor Theater Systems on your side.  Movie Projectors and Movie Screens are our specialty. Outdoor Movies are fun for Everyone.
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