Drive-In Movie Party

Do you ever wish you had a drive-in movie theater in your city? Well, even without a drive-in movie theater in your city, and with your Outdoor Theater System, you can plan a fun Drive-In Movie Party right at home!

Box Cars for the Kids

You need a vehicle in order to go to a drive-in movie, right? A fun activity idea for the kids is to have each of them make their own car out of a large cardboard box. If you give a store enough notice, they can save some large boxes for you to pick up before the party. Another idea is to get a few extra-large boxes (like refrigerator size) and the kids could create little pickup trucks to sit in for the movie. This could include pillows and blankets to make the box cars more comfortable.

An adult will have to be available for any work with scissors for this activity. Kids could be given black paper plates for wheels, yellow paper plates for headlights, markers to draw with, glue or double-sided tape to piece it all together and any other supplies you think they may need to create their own fun mini vehicles!

What’s a Drive In without the Popcorn!?

Food for a Drive-In Movie Party is easy to prepare. You can simply set up a concession stand area with food you would normally find at a theater like popcorn, boxed candy, popcorn seasoning and pop.

Small popcorn favor bags and candy vases can be used to display the food. Personalized bottle labels are a cute addition to bottles of pop or plastic cups.

Decorating Tips

A personalized welcome sign is a great way to welcome guests to the party. Did you ever make one of those popcorn garlands for your Christmas tree? A fun idea would be to create a popcorn garland to hang around the sign as guests enter the party area. Everyone loves a personalized photo banner at a birthday party. It’s an adorable way to show how much your child has grown over the last year (or several years). For a movie-themed party, a creative idea is to glue photos onto paper that looks like a strip of film.

Other fun Decorating Ideas!

  • a red-carpet arrival area by the food and party swag table
  • traffic signs around the area leading up to the “drive-in movie” area of the party
  • a sign listing all the concession items available (popcorn, candy, pop, etc.)
  • trays to carry their snacks and drinks in (like a shoebox)
  • pillows and blankets to sit on in the movie area
  • glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and walls of the party area (make sure the room is dark enough to see the glowing stars)
  • movie posters

At Outdoor Theater Systems, we aim to provide you with the personalized experience that you are looking for. Whether you’re prepping for a drive-in movie party or a wedding event, we have the technology to make magic happen. Contact us today, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in finding that perfect theater system!

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