Can’t Decide Between Front and Rear Projection? Backyard Theater Systems Now Offers Both in One Package!

We're delighted to announce our newest outdoor theater system. This package features a 135” (over 11 feet) diagonal screen system that can work equally well with both front projection and rear projection. Actually, it's a pair of screens – one black screen and one white, no-wrinkle stretch screen. The screens are used together for front projection; for rear projection, you'll just use the white screen. The package also includes:

  • A 720p, 2800-lumen SAVI LED projector
  • Wi-Fi Blu-Ray player
  • 5.25” SAVI active & passive speakers
  • 4 twist stakes and 4 tie-downs
  • Extension cord, RCA audio cables and speaker cable (each 25' long)
  • A multi-outlet power strip and 800-lumen Tactical Zoom Flashlight

The whole package fits into two padded, portable/storable carry bags. It also fits into your budget, because we're offering it for an amazing $899.

We've previously discussed the respective merits of front-projection and rear-projection outdoor theater systems, including the great advantage of being able to tuck cables and components safely out of view when using rear projection. We also added a beautiful 12-foot rear-projection screen to our product lineup. But you may still find yourself wondering whether you should purchase a front-projection system or a rear-projection system. Well, we've answered that question for you – because now you can have both in a single package!

go outdoors with your outdoor theater system? Well, now you can, because this system can also work with an optional rechargeable battery pack. Enjoy your movie nights during camping trips, tailgating parties, or anywhere else that could benefit from some totally “off-grid” fun!

If you've been looking for the ultimate in versatility, affordability and sheer fun factor, here it is. Don't limit yourself to front projection, rear projection or even local electricity availability – contact Outdoor Theater Systems and learn more about how you really can have it all!

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