Big Thrills on the Big Screen: Video Game Parties and Your Backyard Theater

If you have one of our big-screen outdoor theater packages, you can host your own big-screen gaming thrills at home. Let's look at some of the considerations that go into arranging this kind of thrill-packed event.

First of all, you'll want to settle on the evening's agenda. Since different people have their own favorite kinds of games, put together a sampling of multi-player genres such as shooting games, racing games, fighting-tournament games, etc.  My younger son who is 10 favorite game to play is Minecraft on the huge screen. I have seen him play this with 4 people at once and they had a blast! Also, I like this game because the music is so peaceful sounding. My older son loves his Call of Duty games with his friends. I bought a Bluetooth transmitter so they can all link their headphones to the game so it’s not so intense for me and the neighborhood.

Pretty much any current gaming system can be used with your outdoor theater. This would be any gaming system that hooks to the projector with an HDMI cord.

When selecting snacks, go with some gaming classics! When I think of video games in my teen years I always think of Mountain Dew and Doritos! They have so many flavors of each now everyone should be able to find one they like. I also like to provide a healthier option at my son’s parties. I usually buy mini bottles of water and a variety of water enhancers like MIO then the kids can choose their flavor and color. It is also fun to change the labels on the water enhancers to fun video gaming names like Potion of Swiftness( Minecraft), Fortnite Fuel, and Marios Power Punch. This way you can keep them hydrated and caffeine-free. If you are planning on having dinner with the video games try Walking Tacos they are easy to make and the cleanup is a breeze! I always rename them Walking Dead Tacos just for fun.

Most gamers are comfortable playing in total darkness since they are so familiar with the controllers. But if you have some beginner players in your group you might want to hang some strategic indoor or outdoor lighting so everyone can play with confidence.

Still need to get your hands on the theater system itself? Contact us today and we'll be more than happy to assist you!

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