Best Teen Party Sleepover Movies

The Must-Watch Teen Party Sleepover Movies

Sleepover parties have never lost their appeal over the years! Your teen crowd will be looking for lots of fun things to do, while you'll be looking to ensure that those things are as safe and family-friendly as possible, preferably in a residential environment. With that in mind, why not entertain your teens with this selection of classic teen party sleepover movies on your indoor or outdoor backyard theater setup?

Mean Girls

Here's the quintessential movie about teenaged politics and high-school cliques. Starring Lindsay Lohan and featuring a script by Tina Fey, this movie follows a girl's misguided (but hilarious) journey to fit in and become popular with the most sought-after group in school, the "Plastics."


If your teens don't mind the occasional scream at their sleepover, this 1982 movie still packs a creepy punch. A young family unknowingly moves into a haunted house that seems to have a mind of its own -- abducting one of the kids and terrorizing everyone else.

Back to the Future

This all-time classic franchise starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd is can't-miss fun for everybody. Why not schedule a marathon of all three films?


What could make more sense for a teen sleepover than a movie about a teen sleepover? Follow the hijinks of a group of 8th-graders on their last day of middle as their sleepover turns into a frenzied race to win a scavenger hunt against the popular kids in the school.

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