Backyard Theater Systems for Your Business

The Potential of Theater Systems in your Business

You might associate an outdoor theater system with big-time fun and entertainment, and rightly so. But have you thought about the potential for using one in your business? Sometimes the big-screen treatment is exactly what you need to get your message across to employees, trainees, vendor partners or prospective clients – and Outdoor Theater Systems has everything you need to make it happen.

You can use your backyard theater system for any type of visual presentation you would normally use an in-house setup to display, including video clips, live video feeds, and of the ubiquitous PowerPoint slideshows. But unlike traditional piecemeal systems, a Backyard Theater Systems setup comes as a complete, portable, self-contained package that can go from conference room to employee lounge to banquet hall – or to another facility entirely – with only a few minutes of assembly/teardown time. And after all, time is money in the business world!

If you've always relied on your host facility's audiovisual resources when giving a presentation away from your own workplace, you've been rolling the dice. It's all too easy to discover at the last second that there's no projector, the screen is too small, or you're missing some critical connector or cable. If you're presenting to a large crowd, the existing system may simply be inadequate to the task.

That's when you'll thank your lucky stars you have your own portable setup. For instance, if you're packing our SilverScreen Showcase Series, you'll always know you've got a 16' or 20' QuikScreen, a powerful Optoma projector, and a pair of 10” speakers on stands, positioned at just the right height for maximum clarity. Or you can choose our Indoor/Outdoor Series if you know you'll mostly be playing to smaller audiences. Whatever your needs, Backyard Theater Systems' multimedia packages can help bring your business to life!

Here at Outdoor Theater Systems, we are always striving to help you find the most suitable theater system for you. With booming cinema-quality sound and bright, clear imagery on our outdoor projector screens, our products will wow your friends, families and acquaintances alike. Contact us today and we'll be happy to assist you!

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