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Not all fall parties have to consist of football, spicy wings, and seven-layer dip. Mix things up this autumn, and create a cozy outdoor movie theater for your family and friends. We've already went over some tips to hosting your first movie night. Now include these backyard movie night essentials and your party is sure to be a blockbuster.

Themed invitations:

Get your guests excited for your party and send out themed invitations… old fashioned theater tickets, clapperboards, and popcorn boxes are just a few ideas. Buy them, print them, or DIY them — whatever you do, get creative!

Blankets and comfy seating:

Combat fall’s chilly weather by gathering blankets, quilts, and pillows from around the house. Encourage your guests to bring their favorites as well, and enjoy the film snuggled up underneath the stars. For movie theater-inspired seating, bales of hay or patio cushions are a great option.

Outdoor decorations and lighting:

Surround your yard with magical string lights and beautiful paper lanterns. Decorate a table to look like a concession stand. Get an old fashioned popcorn machine and keep it running all night, or even make your own! Hang a “now showing” sign from the trees or on the fence. The possibilities are endless!

Movie munchies:

No movie-viewing experience is complete without buckets of delicious popcorn and loads of sugary candies and drinks—so run out to the store and stock up on your favorite treats. Don’t forget to serve the popcorn in old fashioned popcorn boxes to make the experience even more authentic!

Projector and movie screen:

Of course, the most important part of any successful outdoor movie night is the movie itself. Our Recreation Series is the ideal choice for any backyard space no matter the size. With the versatility of front and rear projection and sizes from 9, 11, or 15 feet, the Recreation Series will suit your Fall Movie Party perfectly!

For more information on finding a theater system right for you, contact us today. Now, sit back relax, and enjoy the show!

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