A Fresh Witch’s Cauldron of Halloween Movie Suggestions

The must-watch Halloween movies

Boo! Don't look now, but another Halloween is rapidly sneaking up on you. But if you're purchasing that new big-screen outdoor theater you've been dreaming about, you'll be ready to meet the season with some thrills and chills of your doing. Here are some movie suggestions for this year's scary (or funny, or campy, or just plain weird) Halloween movie party.

Paranormal Activity

This modern version of the classic “haunted house” story uses a gritty home-camera approach to make the horror seem all the more real. A demonic entity threatens an ordinary suburban couple in this R-rated 2007 film that kicked off a whole franchise.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

The murderous Dr. Phibes (Vincent Price) sports the greatest Halloween mask ever (and no, we won't spoil that revelation for you) as he murders the doctors he blames for his wife's death one at a time, with each bizarre murder based on one the Biblical Plagues of Egypt. This PG-13 film is both gruesome and goofy in equal measure.

Monsters, Inc.

Here's one for the young trick-or-treaters in your group, although grownups will love it too. This rated-G animated Pixar feature tells the story of the not-so-scary monsters who scare children, thus providing power for Monstropolis. But when one of the kids ends up in Monstropolis, it's the monsters who are faced with a scary situation!


You can't have a Halloween movie fest without the holiday's cinematic namesake. This 1978 horror classic launched the saga of deranged masked killer Michael Myers, who has escaped from an institution just in time to wreak some genuine Halloween havoc. Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence star in this rated-R film.

As always, choose your movie selections to suit your audience. Enjoy your big-screen – or should we say big-scream – extravaganza!

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