4 Ways to Enjoy a Big-screen Halloween

Halloween means different things to different people, from kids' trick-or-treating to costume parties for grown-ups. But if you'd like to do something different this year, why not host your very own Fright Fest under the stars with your theater system? Set up some chairs, dress warm against the seasonal chill in the air, and dazzle your fellow guys and ghouls with this selection of big-screen Halloween favorites:

Fright Night

What do you do when you know your neighbor is a vampire, but nobody will believe you or help you protect your girlfriend from this menace? If you're Chris Sarandon's character, you turn to a former horror-TV host played by Roddy McDowall for advice – before it's too late! A fascinating take on an old theme.

The Addams Family Movie

Do you prefer your horror with a side helping of humor? Director Barry Sonnenfeld and an all-star cast – including Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston and Christopher Lloyd – recreate the classic dark comedy of a classic TV show in this feature film. For a double-feature, pair it with its sequel, Addams Family Values.

House of Usher

This adaptation of the story by Edgar Allen Poe is a great example of the creepy Gothic horror style. The legendary Vincent Price stars as the senior member of a family cursed by madness and murder. Also known as Fall of the House of Usher.


The classic tale of a ghost who just wants to make friends comes to life here in this combination of live action and CGI special effects. Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci are among the living in this kinder, gentler ghost story. Just be aware that’s rated PG, not G.

Have a frighteningly happy Halloween with your Outdoor Theater Systems setup!






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